Friday, August 01, 2008

Vaughnie will be 3 months tomorrow

We visited The Grandparent's house last weekend and I had remembered that Gram said she had done some different things in the grandkids' room. We went to check the room out and she mentioned that I would have to give her some new pictures of Vaughn. 

What? Blink. Blink. Oh, fuck. 

Along with birth announcements, I have forgotten to take pictures. Is this a side effect of Reality TV? Do I watch so much of it that I too, think I have a camera crew following me, documenting everything so that I don't have to? 

So, in the spirit of my  forgetfulness, I took pictures yesterday. I've been letting Vance pick out Vaughn's outfits and he picked out her poofiest dress (her only poofy dress) and I slapped a bow in her hair. Persect! As Vance would say.

I took 78 pictures, only one in which she is smiling. And of course that's the one where Vance has his head turned. Vance is in the goofy stage of either not smiling or doing a goofy face, so it was a rough go. What's that saying about not working with animals or kids? Totally understand. Just smile! Vance, just smile normal! It was tense. Here's some of our attempts.

3 Responses to “Vaughnie will be 3 months tomorrow”

  1. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Those are some cute kids. Hopefully they don't inherit their mom's sailor mouth... Dadders

  2. Clean it up Sis Hons of Buns!

  3. The pictures are great. I can't believe that she is already 3 months. The time is flying. I am still trying to get a picture of Samuel smiling. Kids never cooperate. I will look for those coupons for you. I shop at Target way too much.



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