Monday, August 04, 2008

Weekend Update!

On Friday, I gave in and we ate dinner at the Olive Garden. Justin always wants to go there. While waiting for our table we decided that we haven't been to an Olive Garden since Valentine's Day of Justin's Junior year of college? Maybe? I don't even know what year that was and even if that's correct. Point is, it's been a long time and now Justin can't complain that I never let him go there. Afterwards, we bought Vance a new Big Boy car seat, a navigation system for my car, and 4 bottles of wine. Not all at the same store. Although, that would have saved us time. 

On Saturday, Justin played golf, then we ventured out to two different malls trying to find drapes. We didn't find any for the Family Room, but did get hosed on ones for Vance's room. Damn that Pottery Barn Kids. 

On Sunday, we made an exciting trip to the grocery store, where Vance loves to talk to the lobsters. The boys cut grass, then we went to a nearby park for a picnic and for some playtime. For dinner, we had an impromptu  BBQ with my side of family. We ate burgers, drank Sandra Lee's Cowgirl Coolers, installed a sink, and cut down a tree. That's usually how dinners with my side of the family go. Never really know what's going to happen. It was a 20' or so tall Birch tree, a nice one, but planted smack dab in the middle of the flat part of our yard. I'm glad it's gone. It was going to cost a small fortune to move it, this was our only choice. We're planning on planting another tree, to even things out, just in a more sensible location. When I heard the chainsaw I ran outside to grab a quick Before Shot.  

Disclaimer: The Management of this site does not condone nor recommend the use of a chainsaw without the proper foot wear. 

Will have to post an After Shot of the yard and one of the new sink. Been writing this post for 4 hours and keep getting pulled away. Must end it now. Good day.

Oh, Dave, will you send Justin or I your Stump Guy's info?

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