Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend Update!

Turns out Vance gets car sick. Lucky for us, we didn't discover this in our car. Sorry Uncle Mark! He's been on a million car trips, but I guess this is the first one that was up and down hills and winding roads. Good to know for future trips. 

Other than the vomiting (once on the way there, once on the way home) the boys had a good time. Justin failed to cover his entire back with sunscreen and has a bad burn. I've never really seen a sunburn this bad. 

The fencers are supposed to start soon, so we had to remove some plants that were going to be in its way. Justin wasn't too happy when I suggested we get that task done yesterday, but it's done and now we're ready in case they call early. We took out a bunch of plants we didn't like and it looks so much better. Everything was overgrown and it was in need of some work. 

Vance starts school tomorrow. Aaahhh! My baby!  

2 Responses to “Weekend Update!”

  1. I hope Vance has a great first day of school. How are you doing?! Maybe the new fence will keep the crazy neighbor out of your yard.

  2. Anonymous5:59 PM

    love the crazy neighbor story - keep us posted if you find any more evidence. maybe you should put one of those nannycam teddy bears in the window and see if you can catch him in the act. :)
    tell vance good luck tomorrow!!!!



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