Thursday, September 11, 2008

A fence, A tune-up, A puke-free ride

3 Bosnian men arrived early on Wednesday morning and this is the fruit of their labor. 

Vance took this picture. He's been taking a lot of pictures lately, only asking permission half of the time. It's funny when I download pictures and I see the ones that he took without me knowing. 

Daisy loves her new fence and we love not having to walk her every single time that she needs to go potty. She was very smiley yesterday while roaming on her own, sniffing each and every blade of grass. That's impressive for Daisy because smiley is not her usual demeanor. She's more of a cranky teenager, but we've talked about that before. 

It makes our tiny yard seem tinier, but we love the fence. You can see the corner of Cigar Guy's house, it's the one on the left side of the picture. 

Anyone interested in the playset in the picture? Vance has outgrown it. 

Vaughn had her 4 month tune-up on Tuesday. She's tipping the charts at 19 pounds, which falls in the 99th percentile and 25.5 inches long, which is in the 87th percentile. I have forgotten the head circumference. She still hasn't totally figured out eating from a spoon, so when that happens, we'll start on veggies. 

Today was a vomit-free day for Vance. (Clarification: He's been getting car sick on the drive to school, which is 45 minutes away from home, for those who don't know.) Not sure if it was the spell that Grandma put on him or the Dramamine that his doctor said was safe for him to have, but he felt good the entire drive. 

Summing things up:
Love the fence. Hate the price.
Love Vaughnie and her chubby baby rolls. Hate how heavy she is in her carseat. (30 lbs.)(My arms and back are sore)
Love Vance. Hate when he vomits in my car. 

Off to work on more Stuff for my neglected Etsy shop.

And, by the way, SPNT was in reference to Super Preferred Non-Tabacco.

7 Responses to “A fence, A tune-up, A puke-free ride”

  1. Anonymous8:05 AM

    Maybe Vaughn will play on the playset. She would probably like it next summer. I wouldn't get rid of it! Can you take it apart and put it in your basement until she's ready?

  2. We'll be getting a bigger playset sometime between now and next spring. we'd like to get rid of this small one.

  3. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Nice picture Vancer pancer. He might be the next Ansel Adams. Maybe put your playset on Craig's list. Have a good day!!
    Aunt Dee

  4. The fence looks great. I'm anxious to come over and see it and all your other upgrades!! Glad Vance didn't get sick again. We enjoyed our visit the other day. G & M

  5. Anonymous11:50 AM

    still not sure what that spnt means?

    the mayor is confused.

  6. Anonymous11:55 AM

    wow, the fench looks great! obviously i haven't seen the yard, but it doesn't look super small to me. then again, i have not even one blade of grass in my "back yard" (aka tandem parking spot), so even a yard box looks big to me. :) I'm so jealous that you can just let your dogs out though and not have to walk them. Now that the weather is starting to turn here in Chitown, I'm dreading those early morning doggie walks...ugg! Nice work on the vomit free ride though, tell little Vance that I feel his pain on carsickness - it's the worst!

  7. Your Dad use to get car sick all the time! Not fun being the one who sat in the back seat with him...



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