Sunday, September 14, 2008

I just heard from Justin, who is at the Louvre. He says it's sunny and 65. So not fair that I'm at home, in a thunderstorm, with 2 kiddos. One of which is scared of rain, the other doesn't even know what rain is, but is quickly learning what an aspirator is all about. She's very snotty right now and I'll be honest, I'm not very good at using the bulbous tool. 

Oh well, moving on. The picture above is a project Vance and I did. Our crayon bowl was full of old, broken crayons. (I actually had these crayons in high school). We peeled them and put them in muffin tins. 275 degrees for 10 minutes and you have multi-colored big crayons. If I do this again, I'll double or triple up on the muffin liners. The wax soaked through the liner and into the bottom of my muffin tin. No good at all. But the end result is pretty and Vance was excited to see the crayons melt.  

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  1. Anonymous11:28 AM

    do you have any crayons left? This is what I am doing with mine -

    They are for ice, jello, brownies,etc. i want them all!!

  2. Anonymous11:29 AM

    oh and these are cool -

  3. Anonymous10:51 AM

    wow, great idea with the old crayons charisa d. i'll have to remember that someday...
    what's justin traveling for btw? just work?

  4. I agree with stacy, I love that idea for the crayons. You are so creative!



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