Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Vance and I did a lot in the kitchen today. We made Monkey Munch or Puppy Chow (too lazy to include a link). Google it if you want the recipe. It's pretty good. We also made two pumpkin pies, for my brother's birthday tomorrow. After the first pie went into the oven, my helper got tired and excused himself to drive his fire truck around the house, chasing Daisy. Because I was on a roll I figured I'd go ahead and whip up dinner. I had left over grilled chicken and a tube of Crescent Rolls - Viola! Chicken Crescent Roll Bundles! Yes, overwhelmingly gourmet around here. 

Vance got car sick on the way to school on Tuesday. I keep my variables the same, yet my outcome is not always constant. Not really sure what the trigger is. I wonder if they make those motion sickness bracelets in kids size. 

I don't really have anything good to say right now. I'm just babbling. When I don't post everyday, the hecklers come out and give me a hard time. So, there you go. 

Again, Thursday is my brother's birthday, so Happy Birthday! I don't think he reads this! And it's also Tasha's birthday, so Happy Birthday! 


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  1. Please wish Jeffrey happy birthday for me.

  2. Tell Jeffrey we say happy birthday!

  3. Thanks, girl! :)
    Happy Birthday Jeff.
    It is totally puppy chow season. i need to make a batch or two or three. LOL



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