Friday, October 10, 2008

Vance puked again on the way to school yesterday. The puke container worked perfectly (it was the first time we had to use it). Well, perfectly in the sense that he didn't get any on himself, the car, or his car seat. Not so perfect that I had to clean it out. Moving on!

A topic at school must have been about scarecrows because Vance came home hell bent on making one. He talked about it all afternoon, forgot about it in the early evening, but remembered again before bedtime. Tears were almost produced because we couldn't make one that very second. I promised him that we'll make one this weekend. Anyone with scarecrow making experience lend me a hand! I know how to make the body, but what do I use for a head? I'll have to Google it. 

Also at school they played with sidewalk chalk on the newly asphalted parking lot. Guess who has tar all over the back of his shorts? I Googled how to get tar out of clothing last night, so I'll be doing that this weekend too. If they weren't my favorite shorts for him I would have just thrown them away.

I got a flu shot yesterday. My wing hurts. 

On tap for this weekend: finishing painting the dining room (not sure if we'll get to the foyer and office), shopping for blinds, birthday party for Dave (Hi Dave!), pumpkin farm, and of course, building a scarecrow. 

Have a good one!

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  1. Anonymous12:30 PM

    hi, hope you guys are feeling better and see you tomorrow



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