Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Morning

We had a great Christmas. Here's the kids on Christmas morning. Vance was just a little excited about his 4 wheeler. The rain on Saturday deterred his riding, but he informed us on Sunday that, "It looks like a pretty nice day to ride the 4 wheeler". 

We returned home late Saturday afternoon from being away at my parents and has been non-stop ever since. Laundry and grocery shopping have been done. Christmas is only half put away and the toys! The toys are everywhere still! I was going to clean out old toys before Christmas, but didn't get around to it. It's a must do right now because the amount of vehicles that Vance has right now is sickening.

We were invited over for dinner at a neighbors house last night. We've only met him once, he stopped by when we were moving in and introduced himself and randomly called a few days ago. He's trying hard to get our neighborhood "friendly" and I admire his attempt. Like us, his last neighborhood was close-knit, family-friendly place and this one is anything but. He also invited 2 other families, but they were unavailable. We didn't know that we'd be the only ones attending, but were glad we went. It took us a long time to make friends in Wisconsin because we didn't extend ourselves and we don't want a repeat of that here. Last night was our "foot in the door". Hopefully it will happen again. Guess the ball is in our court now.  

2 Responses to “Christmas Morning”

  1. Sooooo cute! Anxious to see his new vehicle! Give both a big kiss from Gram!

  2. How uncomfortable was that? thinking that there would be others, but you were the only ones.



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