Monday, December 08, 2008

One year ago today

These are some pictures from one year ago today. Lots of snow was on the ground. (Vance is so used to having snow that he keeps asking, "Where da snow at?" Proof that he's still confused about where we live. And the fact that he keeps asking to play with kids that live in our old neighborhood.) Blurry shot of the Capitol building in Madison and Wisconsin people are crazy about their sports teams. 

Dishwasher man just left. Claims the problem has been fixed and it won't leak anymore. Let's hope so! Carpet cleaners come tomorrow - yea! Our house unfortunately has white carpet, which is obviously not kid and dog friendly. Will see how long we can go without having to replace it.

Vaughnie is down for a nap and Vance says his tummy hurts, so he's laying down next to me right now. Looks like it's going to be a slow morning. Maybe can get some shopping done online! 

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  1. Charisa,
    I've decided to attempt my blogging skills as well - check out my page if you get a minute - i need some help getting my flickr account to work like yours does - how did you do that?!?!?! :)



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