Thursday, December 04, 2008

We moved into this house almost 5 months ago to the day. After unpacking, the one item that we couldn't check off of our "Moving Day Bingo Card" was the 24 ft. extension ladder. Somewhere in the mix of packing our house up in Wisconsin, hauling and unloading everything in a vault in Earth City, and then 3 months later re-loading our stuff to bring it to our new house, the movers had misplaced it.  

We filled out the claim forms (we had a couple other claims - 1 broken pedestal table and touch up paint was needed on Vance's dresser drawers since they were dropped on the way in the door). A man came out to re-touch the furniture and we were sent a check for the value of the table. They added that they needed a little more time with the ladder. They wanted to look a little harder for it around the vaults. (It's a 24 foot extension ladder. There's not too many places it can be hiding.)

Last week Justin and I are on the couch, each with our laptops, like we are every night after the kids go to bed. He turns his so I can see the screen and asks, "Does this look like our ladder?" I replied that it couldn't be are ladder. Our ladder would have smiled more with its eyes for the picture. 

Apparently, they did find a 24 ft. extension ladder, took a picture and sent it to us to verify that this was our missing ladder.  I can see how this would work for something else, but does one really know what their ladder looks like? And how many lost extension ladders do they have hanging around? 

Yesterday our ladder was returned to us. I guess we're complete now. 


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