Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wow, this blog has been boring lately. 

Vaughn has begun the whole separation anxiety stage. It hit Vance around 9 months, so she's early in my books. I can't take the whining and the crying when I walk away from her. My brain can't multi-task when there's whining involved. 

Vance has been waking up early too. He thinks the fun should begin the minute he wakes up. By 9:00 am he's already cranky and in need of a nap, but of course, still won't take a nap. I've been trying to keep him busy, so there hasn't been too much blogging time. 

I woke up early today to try and write something witty and funny, but to no avail, both kids have also woken up early. 

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  1. you're lucky that you have so many friends that read your blog and post - I haven't had that much luck. I must be long winded.



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