Thursday, January 15, 2009

Chilly Willy

So, I'm kind of glad it's this cold here. Now everyone knows what we were dealing with in Wisconsin with for months at a time!

The morning weatherman wouldn't even bother with giving the exact temp, he'd just say that, "We're in the zero's this morning." Waking up to the hum of the neighbor's snowblower signaled that we must have gotten more snow during the night. We had the greatest neighbors, always helping each other snow blow. Some days I miss the winters there, a lot of days I don't. I think living through those harsh winters makes you appreciate and take advantage of the warm months more. 

The coldest I've ever been was last year around this time. It was around -30 with the windchill and Vance and I were headed to a friend's house to play. Being only 6 houses down from ours I decided it would be silly to drive. We bundled up and headed out. It was snowy and icy, Vance's little legs were barely moving, and he kept slipping on the ice. I (pregnant at the time) picked up Vance and kept moving. Being so bundled up and the slippery fabric of our winter coats made it hard to hold him and his pant legs kept riding up, exposing his legs. He must have been miserable. I'm sure the neighbors had a good laugh watching all of this from inside their houses. It was awful.

In an unrelated note, I've been having issues falling asleep at night. I'm tired all day, but at 9:00 I'm UP! 11:00 still up! Energy! And with Justin being out of town I have no one to chat with. Last night Dog the Bounty Hunter was my companion. 

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