Monday, January 26, 2009

Updated: Forgot to mention that Vance is fine as of yesterday. Just a random bug. Who knows.

I'm in pain right now and it's all because of a waitress named Ashley. 

Ashley was our waitress at Caramel in the Bellagio. She was wearing a teeny tiny leather mini-dress and stiletto heels. You could tell that she worked out, so upon inquiring she told us that, yes, she was a runner. She's actually training for the Iron Woman that will be held in St. Croix this year. Her physique alone was enough to spark an idea in my sister's head.

Charity called a couple of days ago to inform me that she had found a beginners running training program on a website and she was starting on Monday. I told her I'd look at it, but made no promises. I don't like to run. I never have.

Today is Monday and on this day I started the Beginners Running Training Program. I'm hurting. It hurts to physically move. Why do we do this to ourselves? Because of all the Ashley's in the world. Ashley also told us that she's been running for 4 years now. Charity and I are ignoring that part. All we know is that by summer we're going to try our best to look like Ashley. If anyone wants to join in, let me know. I'll send the link. It'll be good motivation.     

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  1. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Send it to me. I need to run and get a boob job and I will be good to go.


    it's 3 pages long. the program is laid out in the 2nd and 3rd pages.

    i didn't think i'd be hurting from day one, but i'm not used to running and i ran the last 4 minutes without stopping because Vaughn woke up early from a nap and Vance kept trying to get on the treadmill while i was on it. damn kids.

    keeping track of the running and walking and what number you're on gets annoying, must come up with a better way to keep track.

  3. I'll join you!!

    Running is not in my blood - but I'm up for a challenge. Swimsuit season is creeping up way too fast.

    I'm not going to promise anything though....

    good luck to you and charity!!

  4. I will do it with you guys. Since I haven't looked at the website yet, what is the goal (in running distance), hopefully not an ironman. That would be crazy. I need to set a goal for myself. Something to get me motivated.

    I am glad that Vance is feeling better.

  5. Anonymous11:23 AM

    charisa - that's awesome! obviously i can't join from up here, but i will tell you as a previous marathon veteran...running becomes totally addictive and you would be blown away with what you can do. you guys should post "run in progess photos" ala when you were preggers. i can just see it now: charisa's ripped calfs, week 8. four pack abs: week 10, 6 pack abs: week 16. hehehe :)
    p.s. glad vance is feeling better!

  6. Anonymous1:55 PM

    breast jobs? I thought this was a family site? Unreal....

    the mayor

  7. Anonymous2:57 PM

    hey, there's nothin wrong with some boobs



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