Thursday, February 19, 2009

No more Racecarts

First things first, we did not get to see Lost or Top Chef last night, so no spoilers. 

However, last night, we did get to push the Racecart with a bad wheel at Home Depot filled with two cranky kids. Actually it only held one kid. We didn't know the seatbelt was broken, so Vaughnie kept sliding out, so we had to hold her. Sounds easy, but she's squirmy and hard to hold when both parties involved are wearing winter coats. Ever try to make decisions and make sense out of things while holding a slippery and cranky infant, repremanding a 3 year old who keeps climbing in and out of the Racecart, keeping the cart clear from the other customers, and it's like 500 degrees in the store?  

Yup, we were that couple last night. 

Turns out the bathroom fixtures we picked won't work with the plumbing that we have, so we either find new fixtures or he has to tear walls open. And it's never easy because the brand we need doesn't make certain fixtures that we need. So we have to mix brands therefore try to match styles and shop for them at different stores. Should have totally went to a plumber's supply shop in the first place and am paying the price now. After I drop Vance off at school this morning I will be making a bee-line to Lowe's in Chesterfield. Turns out that the shower/tub fixture that I need for Vance's bathroom is in low supply there. And their the only ones that carry the kind of Roman tub fixture that I need. My sanity depends on those fixtures being there today.  

One Response to “No more Racecarts”

  1. Anonymous6:44 AM

    you each can't handle one kid each?

    the mayor



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