Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Before: Too dark. Too heavy. 

After: Finally, we can see in the bathroom.

Spring is in the air around here. Over night our forsythia has blossomed and cherry trees as well. I'm really not sure if they're really cherry trees, I'm just calling them that. One looks like a normal tree, the other is a weepy thing with sad looking branches. Tiny pink flowers everywhere, though. 

Allergies are starting up already, too. Just got finished giving Vance his first dose of medicine for the season. 

The kiddos and I bought a new bird feeder yesterday. Vance broke our current one a couple of days ago and since then the birds have been giving us dirty looks. We have regular birds that visit us daily and we like watching them. We have three - a fat robin, and a male and female cardinal. Supposed to be another great day here today, so will have to get it filled and hung back up. 

3 Responses to “ ”

  1. The bathroom looks great.

  2. What an improvement!

  3. I believe you are right. The tree with hanging branches "looking sad" sounds like a Weeping Cherry Tree. I think they are beautiful. Vaughn is so cute!



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