Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cannabis and Lepers

Vance helped me do the base coat on the canvases yesterday. He refers to them as the cannabis.

After I picked out his clothes for school last night and started telling him about St. Patrick's Day. I really wasn't doing a good job explaining about it and I told him that they'd talk about it in school tomorrow. 

And then the clouds opened up and I remembered that this week is Spring Break for him. No school. Hmph....

So, I told him about the leprechaun's. Little men with beards and all that jazz. Totally freaked him out. He woke up around 2 am and asked to sleep with me. This morning he woke up and ran to look out the windows to see the lepers. He was sadly disappointed.  

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone.

9 Responses to “Cannabis and Lepers”

  1. Anonymous11:56 AM

    hehe. great story!

  2. like the green text :)

  3. That was a great story. I also like your green text. Way to get into the spirit.

  4. i didn't think the the green text would really get that much attention. thinking i'll start changing it up all the time. that's how crazy it is around here.

  5. (on text color change) only do it on special days otherwise it will lose its meaning.

  6. by the way, my husband, who is French, just saw the title of this post and said that Cannabis is French for pot - like the kind people smoke.

  7. i guess i assumed that everyone knew that. cannabis sativa is the latin name for pot. that's why i thought it was a funny story.

  8. Anonymous6:53 AM

    dr dre smoked pot.

    the mayor

  9. ...sorry...bit of a goodie-two-shoes...didn't know what that word meant.



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