Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Happy Corn Family

I couldn't decide between a "it's been a long winter for Butter boy and Butter girl" comment or a reference to Nadya Suleman. In this case, I guess one could say that Butter girl is in a better place in her life to have octuplets of her own. She's married, has a home, and a job. 

One of my first blog entries was about the different ways that people butter their corn. In my opinion, the Butter girl and the Butter boy are the way to go. 

I found these Butter baby corn holders yesterday. Our family is whole now. I threw out our corn holders last summer due to them being all rusty and nasty. They even interlock for storage, so I don't poke my fingers trying to find them in the drawer.

Summer is near. And that makes me happy.    

3 Responses to “Happy Corn Family”

  1. I'm glad butter boy/girl are complete now. Looking forward to some corn on the cob at your place!

  2. Anonymous2:00 PM

    love the butter family - just what any household needs! btw, totally been thinking of you lately because i can't stop eating nutella! i remember when you were on your kick and i'm full blown addicted now. i want to say it's just the baby, but let's be honest - it's really just one of the best creations on earth. yummmm.

  3. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Wish this weather would stick around and we could all use our corn holders. I hooked up the grill yesterday and bbq'd some ribs. Good eats...

    the mayor



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