Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I wheeled the garbage to the curb last night around 6:00. On the ground, next to the bin, I laid our old bathroom light fixture and a fake tree. By 9:30 both were gone. 

This freaks me out a little. Someone stopped in front of our house to check out our trash, unknowingly to me. (Justin is out of town again, so I'm a little on edge anyways) But then, I'm glad someone could reuse what we didn't want and am thinking that we need to make this a weekly ritual. We have a basement FULL of things we don't want. 


We have one bathroom almost complete and it feels great. Tile is done, walls are painted, new light fixture, towel bars, and accessories are hung. The only thing it needs is a new shower curtain, towels, and some pictures.  

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  1. We've been selling bunches of stuff on craigslist lately - I'm sure you would have gotten a pretty penny for that mirror/lamp combo thingy.

  2. oh, it wasn't the mirror/lamp combo fixture that we threw out. it was just a standard fixture from another bathroom. i figured i'd try to sell the combo one at some point. it weighs a ton - i know it must have been expensive. thanks for the craigslist idea!



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