Friday, March 27, 2009

Justin and Vance had a conversation yesterday morning on why Daddy can't drink beer with his lunch at work. Had me laughing so hard that I cried.

That's been the biggest news around here lately. Here's some updates.

Vance is full swing into dinosaurs. He can't get enough of them. All day we're talking, reading, or playing with dinosaurs. We've also been playing a lot of Go Fish lately. Actually, it's Go Dino, because the cards have dinos on them. He's also taken an interest in laundry. "What stains, Mommy?" Then he'll go through a list of items asking me if they stain or not. Totally random, I know. 

Vaughn is into everything. With her arm stretched she's tall enough to open the kitchen drawers and does so. She likes to untie your shoestrings too. She's in that stage where she doesn't want to eat baby food but hasn't figured out what table food she likes. Every mealtime is a little tricky and I never feel like she's eating enough. Her favorites so far? Chicken and cheese. She's a hoot at bath time. As soon as you put her in the water she puts her face down into it. Vance thinks it's hilarious. Hearing them laugh together is great. 

Daisy's new doctor thinks she's older than what we thought. His guess was around 13. She has arthritis in her hips and we've been giving her pain medicine to keep her comfy. A few days ago we had to up her dosage. It seems to be working, but the medicine is not good for her liver. So we're at that stage where we need to keep her pain free and keep an eye out for signs liver failure. I know the end is near for her and it makes me sad. 

Vance just informed me that Vaughnie pooped. Off to deal with that! 

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