Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So, I got nothing for you today. Yesterday was a slow day. 

Vaughn hit her head on the corner of the wood stairs, so she's got a banged-up eye. Her first battle wound. Vance never suffered any. He escaped toddlerhood without any black eyes, lumps on foreheads, or anything like that. 

Today at the grocery store, Vance turned to me and said, "Dogs don't get chilly 'cause they have lots of fur to keep them warm." We weren't talking about dogs. There were no dogs in the store and we were not even near the dog food aisle. I get random jewels like that all day long. Another one? The other day we were walking out of Home Depot and he rather loudly told me, "Girls go poop sitting down." Makes me laugh. 

Vance has school today. His buddy at school was out of town last week (Disney World - guessing this will put an idea in Vance's head now). Vance is pumped that his friend will be back today. That's all we've talked about lately. Jacob. And dinosaurs. And mosquitos. That's my life. I just diagnosed why I have troubles talking with other adults.   

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  1. Anonymous7:08 AM

    I don't know many boys/men though that poop standing up?

    the mayor



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