Monday, April 20, 2009

These tulips are making me happy right now. 

Vance did great at the dentist. In fact, I'd say he had a really good time. He let them clean and walked away with some toys. Easy! Turns out Vaughn's teeth are fine, so no worries there either. A good morning! 

(Do you see it coming?)

From there we ran to the store to buy Vaughn's last container of formula. Yes! Huge celebration! Still a good day! 

(We're almost there.)

Ate lunch. Everyone happy!

(Here it comes)

I'll save the details, but at least we made it home before Vance puked everywhere. It was a close call, got him in the house and told him to stay in the bathroom, ran back to the car to grab Vaughn, came back in the house and, well, Vance did not stay in the bathroom. I have everything cleaned and Lysoled except for a sisal rug. Not sure of the best way to clean that. Hose and a brush? He's not sick, just another random case of car sickness. 

Vaughn didn't want to be left out, so she's had two diaper leaks. Which also means she's on her third pair of pants today.

Daisy hasn't done anything in the house today, but I'll keep it posted if she does.  

Here's hoping that tomorrow has less bodily fluids to deal with.

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  1. Those flowers are beautiful. They make me happy too. I am glad that the dentist appointment turned out okay.

  2. just got back from a short vaca and loved catching up on the postings. the flowers are amazing - did you grow them? and your brother and his fiance are too freaking cute. when's the wedding again? november - or did i just make that up?

    also - I have exciting news - we found out the sex of future baby ryan on vacation....IT'S A GIRL!!!!! ahhh!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I was the one who deleted my post...I just wanted to ask if you cut all the tulips or do you still have some in the yard. Beautiful tulips!

  5. these were cut from a different bouquet of flowers. i haven't cut any from the yard. half were eaten by the rabbits. grrr....

    stac, awesome news! no wonder you were so sick! now comes the fun stuff of picking stuff out, excited for you guys!



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