Monday, April 20, 2009

Vance had his first swim lesson last Friday. He participated with everything, but cried the whole way through. When he got out of the pool he said, "Can we go swimming again? I had fun!" 

I'm always amazed at other parent's actions at these things. First and last days of activities bring out cameras and video cameras. I'm more of a "living in the moment" person. I'd rather experience Vance doing things in Real Time, not watching through a viewfinder. And really who is going to watch the last day of Little Gym for a 3 year old from start to finish? Maybe a clip of her walking the beam, but the whole session? The parent and baby swim class was going on at the other end of the pool during Vance's class and Dad's were there filming the whole thing. Even the mom sitting next to me took a million pictures. Even was calling out her kids names to stop what they were doing, look at her, and smile. It's crazy!  

Vaughn, who was in the Y's nursery during the swimming lesson, also cried the entire time. The last two times she's been there she's cried the entire time. She's really throwing a wrench in my plans there. Not sure what to do. 

Vance and I played outside the entire duration of Vaughn's nap on Friday afternoon. It was great. We swung, we laid out, drank juice boxes, listened and downloaded music, colored. We need more days of doing that.

The kids both have dentist appointments today. Vance has seen the dentist before, but this will be his first cleaning. Vaughn's two upper middle teeth look discolored, so the dentist will check that out for her. 

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  1. Kristin8:37 AM

    Hmm. I guess I am a bad mom. I have no pictures of Carter's swimming lessons and no pictures of The Little Gym.

  2. I'm right there with you!

  3. I have to admit that Samuel's first swim lesson, I took pictures. Not a lot, but I had to take some. Then I never brought my camera again. I enjoyed every minute of Dave being in the pool with him and reading my book. It was a nice 30 minute break. Hope the dentist appointment goes well.

  4. I don't think taking pictures is bad, but just think some parents go overboard. I take pictures, too.

  5. We give my sister a hard time because of all the pictures that she takes. She's been taken tons of pictures even before digital cameras. We do enjoy looking at them years later.

    Her specialty is when going to a nice restaurant, she'll take pictures of the food everyone gets. She must have hundreds of pictures of food :)



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