Monday, June 22, 2009

My Apple Experience

A couple of weeks ago my laptop started acting goofy. It was running unusually warm and loud, so I contacted Apple Support. Online, I filled out the few questions and checked the box that I wanted someone to call me as soon as possible.

My phone rang less than 30 seconds later with a real person to answer my questions. I was on the phone a few minutes, trying different things that the Genius could think of. He suggested that I take it to the Genius bar to have everything looked at. He offered to make the appointment for me, but I passed because I didn't know my schedule right then.

Later that night I went online to make my appointment. I was able to choose the day and time that I wanted.

On my appointment day I walked in to the Genius Bar at my chosen time, only waited a couple of minutes, and a Genius checked out my laptop. He was happy, helpful, and answered questions that I had. He seemed excited to be doing his job.

I love it.

By the way, this is a reminder to update your iPhones. If you have Mobile Me, activate your Find my iPhone. It's pretty cool.

Stay cool today.

4 Responses to “My Apple Experience”

  1. Anonymous10:38 AM

    what is a genius bar?

    the mayor

  2. It's where the "Geniuses" look and fix problems. In Apple stores.

  3. tasha roe10:52 PM

    loved hearing your story and i feel the same way! love the genius bar!!!
    i took my ipod in a week ago thinking it was on the fritz because we couldnt reformat it at home. the amazing people at the genius bar fixed it for FREE and i can probably squeeze another few months out of this puppy before i plunk down the money for a touch. with that being said my next computer purchase will be an apple just from my ipod experience. oh and did i mention that my ipod is 5 years old and way out of a service contract.
    once you go mac you never go back. ;)

  4. I'm a huge fan of the genius bar as well! I've had take our computer there a few times and they are always so helpful.
    Years ago (before I saw the light) I was a self proclaimed PC lover, but now I will never, ever buy anything but a Mac.



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