Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Holy Plaid Curtains!

Going back through pictures, I forgot that I've never talked about these beauties.

You can see I was starting to take them down and remembered that I hadn't taken a picture yet.

Wow. What these do (or don't do) for the room.

For some reason we kept the plaid curtains. I found them folded up in guest room closet the other day. If anyone needs 4 plaid panels, I'd be more than happy to share.

We attempted to save the cornices. We cut the bottom, curvy line off to make it straight, but never used them. We still have those too, just in case you're wondering.

We've got a lot of stuff around here. Too much stuff. We're in need of a major garage sale.

We also need one of those days where you can take latex paint to be recycled. I've done some looking online and no recycling place around is doing anything for latex paint. They have tips on how to dry up paint and say that cans with said dry paint can be thrown in normal garbage. (They even suggest using the paint up, even rolling on coat after coat to use it all. Ha!) We have too much paint and a lot of the cans are super full, so drying it out would take forever.

Sidebar: In an attempt to stack the paint cans neatly I came across one that had "Garden Room" written on it. I had to open it and it was a sunny yellow color. Part of me is sad that I didn't get to ever see the Garden Room. Nothing was that color when we moved in, so I guess it was painted over. With seeing how over the top the previous owners decorated, I have to believe that the Garden Room had one of those white picket fence pieces nailed to the walls and fake ivy wound around it.

One day I'll share pictures of the Muppet-esque chandelier shade covers.

6 Responses to “Holy Plaid Curtains!”

  1. What other colors do you have? We might be interested in your colors especially if they are half or more full... Steph

  2. kristin1:47 PM

    I called Glen Carbon right before we moved to get rid of paint because one Saturday a month you could get rid of it and I wanted to know which Saturday (it was actually in Collinsville, but GC's newsletter always advertised it). Well, that service has now stopped and she told me to call Madison County environmental office. That lady told me that I could drive it somewhere and they did it once a year, but they had just done it so I would have to wait a year. So she told me I could get rid of it in St. Louis somewhere or I could just set it in the sun to dry. Well, guess what, the new owners of our old house are now the proud owners of about 10 gallons of random paint...we thought they needed a housewarming gift...

    Wonder where paint stores dispose of it. I thought about calling Sherwin Williams, but then took the lazy route and left it.

    If you aren't going to use the cornices then I would be interested in buying them from you if they are the right width. I was going to make some, but if you want to get rid of them let me know...

  3. Anonymous2:47 PM

    just dump the paint cans at one of your dad's job sites. It's cool...I dump stuff at construction sites all the time.

    The Mayor

  4. sears hardware take old paint and disposes of it. i'd call to make sure that was still their policy though. its been 2 years since we dropped it off.
    ps - and why was it you didnt like the curtains? ;)

  5. Be like Julie Andrews in Sound of Music and make your kids some cool play clothes from the curtain material.

    We take all our hazardous waste to the Health Department. They have a drop off every other Friday and when you drop off things like that, you get a brand new CFL (compact fluorescent lightbulb) for FREE!!!

  6. thanks for the offer, steph. i don't think you'd want these colors, lots of different shades of pinks, baby blue, pale yellow, sage green, and they're at least 5 years old, so I'm not sure of the quality.

    kristin, i might try to use them in another room, but i need to measure to see if they'll fit the windows. i'll get on it and let you know. and i'll gladly give them to you if they won't work for us! two more things out of the basement...



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