Friday, August 07, 2009

Experiment of the day

Can Stridex pads heal cracks and dry skin on your feet?

My mom heard this somewhere. This is what you do: Rub a Stridex acne pad on your feet. Follow with a heavy lotion (we used Eucerin), then socks, right before bed.

I did wake up with smoother soles, but should have done one foot with the way I mentioned above and the other foot with just lotion to compare.

So, I guess it does work.

Another question: Can you sleep with socks on? I'm a sock sleeper. Justin is SO not. No way, he can't do it. And he feels strongly about it.

3 Responses to “Experiment of the day”

  1. Anonymous8:28 AM

    only time you should sleep with socks on is if you are napping above the covers.

    enough said. Although justin's feet could use some socks - those things are eye sores!

    the mayor

  2. i'm not sure i can do socks either. unless i'm on the couch & the blankets are too short...

  3. I did this last year. I bought really thin footies as I can't stand to have hot feet either. It's the salicilic acid in the strident that breaks down the rough callosed skin on the feet and of course the heavy lotion or vaseline to soften. You have to exfolliate the old skin off and btw this process takes several applications. I find it easier to go to get a pedi.



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