Saturday, August 08, 2009

For the past 12 days I've been operating with half a heart, which is directly related to the fact that I've also been working with half a brain.

Justin returns this morning from his third (and final, hopefully) trip to India.

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  1. Kristin8:39 AM

    Torture over!!! Yay!

    I get tortured in a couple weeks when Todd goes to Florida with Clay. Of course it is my first week back to work--super torture! What I want to know is what are two guys going to do in Florida? I am having visions of Todd rubbing suntan lotion on Clay's back. Yuck. They are livin' the dream...

  2. Thank goodness he is back. Now you get a little break. Hopefully there will be no trips anytime soon.

  3. What ARE they going to do there? I've been there - it's a remote island! Nothing but beach and local bars! If they're switching teams, it's the perfect place for romance! Or just bromance???



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