Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I was finishing painting the guest bedroom. Vaughnie was innocently napping. Vance was creating messes like no other. Don't you worry, this mess continued on in his bedroom and right down the stairs to the family room. There he used every single couch cushion, throw pillow, and blanket to build a skyscraper. For fun, he brought down the fake trees from the Dino Bucket and cars to fill the garage. And tools! Don't forget the tools! He took direction from the Bob the Builder movie about skyscrapers that we had watched beforehand. It was actually cute - he even was using some old building blue prints I had around for "measurements".

I did get the bedroom finished and put back together. What a great feeling that is! It rained here the majority of the day, so we used that to our advantage.

Off to get Vance ready for pre-school! First Day! And Jack goes to Kindergarten today! Ryan is off to second grade. Everyone head over to my sister's blog. I'm sure that with both the kids in school she'll have time to post pictures of the kiddos before school!!! Nothing like a little peer pressure!

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