Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nutella, Vaughn, and Garage Sales

I saw a commercial last night for Nutella, advertising how healthy it is. "Full of nuts! And a just a hint of cocoa! Perfect breakfast for the kids!" That was their angle. This made me happy for about 2 seconds, then I remembered I have checked the nutritional info and I know better. Damn Nutella advertising people catching me off guard...

Today, Vaughn has her 15 month check-up. Yes, she's almost 16 months, we're a little late. I haven't weighed her in awhile, so it will be interesting to learn her stats. This month she has started to learn her body parts. Right now she knows where her feet, arms, tummy, eyes, nose, and mouth are.

One more question for the Garage Sale Pro's: How do you know how to price things? It's been about 7 years since I've even been to a garage sale, so I have no background info to go on. I'm clueless and almost ready to throw in the towel on the whole thing. And do people buy adult clothes? Should I focus on just the kids stuff???

4 Responses to “Nutella, Vaughn, and Garage Sales”

  1. People buy women's & kids clothes!

  2. i saw the same nutella commercial yesterday and was duped for a couple seconds too. i was thinking - that's RIGHT, it IS good for me...i should go eat some out of my pantry right now. then i remembered that it has 11 fat grams in 2 tbsp...crap.

    love that they're trying to sell it as "healthy for kids/breakfast" too - making my industry look bad!! (like that's so hard...). :)

  3. They've been eating Nutella for breakfast for ages in the "old" country. I remember going to Belgium with my mother when I was 16 (back in 1982) and they were serving it at my cousins place.

    The idea of it was disgusting to me - chocolate spread on bread; in the morning or EVER!

    Boy, have I changed my way of thinking ;)

  4. the general rule of thumb for pricing is around 10% of the original price, if you think you can get it. good luck with the sale. i wish i could come and help you but I hate people that go to garage sales (this opinion based on my up close and personal experience of having garage sales) and i would probably scare your customers off! when they ask if you'll take less for something you're asking $1 for I just want to throw a punch!



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