Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Where are the "severe storms" that we're supposed to be getting? Surprise, surprise, not a drop of rain here yet!

I haven't checked the weather since yesterday afternoon, so I'm sure they've drastically changed it by now. Like a little old lady I got my major errands ran late yesterday afternoon because I didn't want to get stuck in the elements. I have, more than a couple of times, got stuck with both kids in the rain. No fun unpacking groceries and kids into car seats in the pouring down rain. I was actually looking forward to a little storm...

I need to get Vance signed up for Fall soccer today. Last night he informed me that he'd like to take, "little guy dance classes" (his exact words). Hmmm.....Think there's room in his schedule for both???

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  1. I have been waiting for the storms too. When are they going to come. We may just head to the park and hope it doesn't start raining on us. Good luck with signing Vance up for soccer and dance too!

  2. Anonymous8:54 AM

    dance classes? No way.

    10 years from now he'll be mad as hell that you two let him!

    the mayor

  3. what exactly does "little guy dance classes mean"? are we talking irish step? ballroom? tap? maybe some funky jazz (hands and all!)? :)

    more details please!!

    p.s. and where did he get the idea/hear about these "little guy dance classes"? i love it!

  4. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Wait til his grandad hears this!

  5. vance came up with the term and idea on his very own. i've never looked into dance classes for "little guys" but if he keeps asking i'll start looking. a little breakdancer? awesome! he just may be the next justin timberlake!

  6. you need to get a sheet of cardboard for him to practice on in the living room.

  7. oh and this made me think of you and the giant paint brush



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