Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sneaky Parasites

First things first: All the Foodies out there, go check out Mighty Girl's trip to the French Laundry. Intel is sponsoring her Mighty Life List and it's been fun following along. She's also the one who gave me the idea of making a quilt using all of the kid's pajamas that were worn on Christmas Eve night.


Okay. Justin gets home last night and starts telling me about the sickness of a coworker's husband. I'm finishing up dinner, the kids are hungry, loud, and I'm halfway listening.

Turns out he has a parasite. "How on earth did I get a parasite?" he asks his doctor. They start talking about it and found the answer. "My wife went to India a little bit ago". Bingo. My ears perk up now.

Turns out his wife, who was with Justin on the last trip to India, picked up a parasite while there and is a carrier. It can lie dormant in the carrier and can be passed along. So, Justin is visiting his doctor this week to see if he's carrying anything around also. He will also be asking if I'm needing to come in and be tested.

Remember back to one of his previous trips. I got sick about a month and a half after he got home and was prescribed the same medicine that they're given when they go to India to prevent the growth of parasitic bacteria in case they feel that they've eaten something bad. Not sure if they're connected, but ew. Ew, ew, ew.

Let's take our minds off that and talk about the cute pants Vaughn got in the mail yesterday. Red! With big pink heart patches on the knees! They're adorable! I'm feeling frenzied because of the cooler weather and the kids not having fall clothes. Many shopping trips have been made, because Vance is in between toddler and big guy sizes and Vaughn is just overall hard to size. Grrr....

Out of time! Have a great day!

Oh! Vaughn can open baby gates and doors now. Soon she'll be crawling out of her crib! Nothing can contain her!

2 Responses to “Sneaky Parasites”

  1. I was going to tell you that as soon as we move and I start cleaning out all the baby clothes, I will give you back Vance's Christmas outfit. I know exactly what container it is in, in our POD. Let's hope we sell out house soon so we can unpack everything.

    That whole parasite thing is disgusting. I had no idea that it could be passed from one person to another. That just completely grosses me out.

    I agree with you about the whole fall clothes stuff. I am feeling the need to go shopping. Samuel grew a lot during the summer and barely fits in the 18-24 month clothes. So we need to move into the 2T. I can't believe it. I am up for a shopping trip whenever you are!

    Good luck containing Vaughn. Samuel is opening only a few doors, but one of them is the bathroom door. I feel bad, but I have to run in there and immediately lock the door or I have a visitor every time. Annoying.

    Have a good day.

  2. love the PJ quilt idea!! i'll have to remember that for down the line...



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