Thursday, October 22, 2009

A glimpse into our morning commute

This is one of Vance's favorite songs. It's from the Juno soundtrack and he asks to listen to it over and over in the car. And also adds, "turn it up loud so we can rock it!" He's a funny guy.

He also likes the next 5 songs from the soundtrack, which includes a Buddy Holly song and a song that says something about "driving to Madison" where he always says, "that's where we used to live!"

It's at this point on the soundtrack that we have to do a little skipping around because of the throwing of some random F bombs. Overall, we enjoy the entire quirky soundtrack. I'm happy because I don't have to listen to "kid" music, but not so happy because Vance likes to listen to the songs over and over and over. Variety tends to be overrated by kids.

Enjoy your Thursday. We're missing Vance's "Mad Scientist Night" at his school because of his soccer game. Wait. I should call it soccer practice. They don't let the kids play little games. I don't even know if they kick the ball. I have seen them carry the ball inside in an upside down orange construction cone. (?) We won't be signing him up again at this place. Sorry, I got carried away. Have a good day, despite the rain around here!

2 Responses to “A glimpse into our morning commute”

  1. Kristin7:50 AM

    Interesting about your soccer. We practiced then played a game. The whole thing takes about an hour. Glad it's over; Carter wasn't much of a willing participant. On one of the first games a bee flew up his pants and stung him right on the ass twice and that was IT. I think he thought the bees were out to get him, so it was not enjoyable! We'll try again next spring...

  2. good luck with soccer. and at that age its hard to hold the kids' attention longer than 30 seconds.

    that soundtrack is great! i cant do the kids' music either. makes my skin crawl. weigh your options - repetition or screeching. i'd go with repetition. lol



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