Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Little Lady

This is the little lady that cried the whole way through the grocery store yesterday.

This is the little lady that whimpered "pumpay" throughout the entire store and when I finally found the mini-pumpkins and handed one to her, she pushed it away.

This is the little lady that Houdini'd out of the grocery cart seat belt and was attempting to jump out while I was loading bags into the car.

This is the little lady that I had to hold while loading groceries into the car while using one foot to hold onto the grocery cart because the store's parking lot is on a slant and it kept rolling away.

This is the little lady that would rather play with an unopened container of antibacterial wipes than any other toy in the house. (She also demanded to carry them into Vance's school for pick-up.)

This is also the little lady that takes her shoes off in the car and chews on the straps when I don't remember to take them off after buckling her in.

This little lady tests my patience and sanity umpteen times a day.


It's a good thing that this little lady is so darn cute and has been letting me put her hair in pig tails.

That's the only reason we're keeping her around lately!

5 Responses to “Little Lady”

  1. she and ella came from the same mold! ella is is going to be the one to break me. she called my bluff last week and i didnt know what to do.... crap. good luck!

  2. You are so right, she couldn't be any cuter and I LOVE those pig tails. Maybe your little lady and my little man can get together and entertain each other, so we don't kill them.

  3. Anonymous3:17 PM

    she looks mean...

  4. that's mean uncle mike.

    tash, good luck to you too! it's us against them!

    sarah, your're right! maybe if we get them together they'll leave us alone and play together! we could get some work done on the stockings!

  5. Love it when your little lady rocks the pigtails.



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