Saturday, October 31, 2009

Na Blo Po Mo, What?

What's all this NaBloPoMo business? It stands for National Blog Posting Month and basically means that I'll be posting everyday, including weekends, for one month. I normally do post 5 times a week, but remembering to do so on weekends will be tough. I'm sure I'll be scrambling for content, so I'll be looking for inspiration everywhere!

Here's a pic of the Vaughnster on Halloween day. We had a successful lunch out (no crying, no food was thrown ((on purpose)), and everyone ate) and then headed to the playground to enjoy the sunny weather.

I made Vaughn another owl shirt, serving as her Halloween shirt. It didn't really turn out how I imagined, but it works.

We're getting ready for a spooky dinner, trick or treating, and then Ghost Hunters after the kids go down. Dorky, I know! But I love it! Can't wait! Happy Halloween, ghosties!

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