Wednesday, October 07, 2009

We missed family apple picking this year

I started off yesterday determined to post about apple picking. And the fact that we haven't taken our annual family apple picking trip this year.

I could only find pictures from a couple of the trips, so I wasted a lot of time looking through pictures, trying to find all of them. I thought it would be cute to post one picture from each trip, just to see how everyone has changed through the years. (Some old pictures from my last computer that I've uploaded onto my new one are categorized incorrectly. I need to fix it, but it takes time.)

And then I started thinking about it more. Seems like this time of year is popular to us when it comes to making changes in life. It was on our very first trip to the apple farm when we announced that I was pregnant with Vance. The following fall, on our next trip, we announced that we had sold our house and were moving to Wisconsin. A few more years down the road and we were pregnant with Vaughn during this very same time. And now, this fall, we're trying to sell our house and move again.

A snowball of memories, plus looking through old pictures, plus getting Vance to school on time yesterday. That's the reason for I never finished my post on apple picking.

But I guess I just did. Just without the pictures.

2 Responses to “We missed family apple picking this year”

  1. Anonymous5:55 PM

    You did a post in Mid-September with pictures of the four of you apple picking...does that not count?

  2. yes, the four of us went apple picking. that's not what i was talking about. we usually do a big family trip (my side of the family) every year. this year we did not. that's what i was referring to.



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