Monday, November 09, 2009

Christmas 2008

No, we're not celebrating early. This was taken last Christmas.

I downloaded pictures from my mom's camera over the weekend to my computer and found this one. A decent picture of all 4 of us! This almost always never happens and it's just been cooped up in my mom's camera for almost a year now.

When I first saw this picture I automatically remembered how Justin forgot his belt that night and had to borrow one from my dad. Funny, the things that pictures make you think of.

Next up, finding a good picture for Christmas cards. It's gonna be tough. Was actually on the fence about sending cards out this year, but Justin got me an old school wax seal, with my initials for my birthday. It pushed me over the edge and now I have to send them. Anyone else skipping the tradition? Or maybe choosing this year to start sending?

This post is way too long and too boring. I'll be back later.

One Response to “Christmas 2008”

  1. great photo of you guys.
    happy belated birthday.
    i always remember yours is the 7th and hol's is the 5th of dec. weird quirkly thing. lol



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