Monday, November 30, 2009

Do Less and Be More

Last day of NaBloPoMo. It's gone pretty well, but I'm glad to not have to post on the weekends.

It occurred to me that my blog needs a makeover. I haven't updated any of the sidebar info, such as Blogs I Read. Need to get to that...

I read a blog who's creator is known for decorating, making stuff, that sort of thing. She posted today, daring her readers to Do Less and Enjoy More. I will be taking part of this way of celebrating the season. I will not be stressing over handmade gifts this year. I will not stress over the house being decorated the perfect way. (Next year, when Vaughn is less "hands on", decorations will be taken up a notch!) I will not fill the kids stockings with useless junk just so that they seem full. We'll be donating more than we normally do. We'll be focusing on what is really important during this time of year. More hot chocolate and marshmallows, less budget-blowing gifts.

There you go. Anyone else interested in taking the challenge?

5 Responses to “Do Less and Be More”

  1. Anonymous4:26 PM

    I totally agree! I'll get out my hot chocolate set. Mom

  2. Anonymous7:09 AM

    i say outsource everything, do nothing.

  3. Dave and I were actually talking about this the other day and then when you posted we agreed with you too. Samuel is too young to really understand Christmas and Hanukkah and we really don't need to buy things just because it is the holiday. All of our family are coming in town at some point in December and I think just being together and enjoying each other is really what the holidays are about.

  4. What Sarah said.

    This is one of your best posts in a while, I couldn't agree more with your thoughts for the holiday season.



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