Sunday, November 15, 2009

In need of blinders

I have many unfinished projects around here, so why not add one more to the list?

From How About Orange, here's how to stencil with freezer paper. Looks fun!

I have a giant roll of freezer paper from my Bubble Jet Set 2000 days, which I'd love to do more of too. (It's a chemical that prepares fabric to be printed on with an Inkjet printer. Way better than any iron on transfer out there!) The process is a little labor intensive and am now regretting how many times I used the stuff without gloves. Formaldehyde is good for skin, right? Right?

I need someone to keep me focused and on track around here. I've been this (imagine me holding fingers up to gesture) close to starting up the Birthday Signs again, but new projects keep getting in the way. I'm easily swayed. Since I started typing this I've thought about 5 new projects that I could do. I need blinders!

Enjoy your Sunday Funday!

4 Responses to “In need of blinders”

  1. gahhhh!! that's awesome!! and what is this bubble jetset that you speak of? where can i find it?

  2. Google it and you'll find it. It's around $16 for a big bottle. Works well with cottons and silks. Basically dip the fabric in the stuff, let it dry, then iron it onto the freezer paper. Cut it to 8.5 x 11 size, then print. I've never used the "rinse" that they sell, just rinse in water and mild dish soap. If printing on white fabric, boost your color on whatever you're printing. It's a lot of fun! That's probably more info than you were wanting!

  3. that is really cool.
    do i need a special or specific type of printer?

  4. Just any inkjet - no laser. And you have to be pretty perfect cutting everything down to size in order for it to feed through the printer.



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