Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Pictures

I could talk about how awesome the weather has been lately or how Vaughn added 2 words to her vocab recently and how funny that they're both food related. But I don't want to. All I want to do is get back to The Pictures.

I have Jeffanie's wedding pictures on disc and I'm bound to get through them. All 3700 of them. That's why they earn a title: The Pictures. I'm looking for the Holy Grail, you know, for our Christmas card. I know I'll never go through all of them again, so I'm picking out other good ones too along the way.

I emailed Stephanie yesterday when I had just started Disc 3 to let someone know what I was going through. Beautiful newly married couple, sunset, beach, looking out to the ocean, it was just too much and I was a sobbing mess. Alone, in my freshly mopped kitchen.

I got myself pulled together and somehow have finished 3 cd's. 2 more to go. Not sure if this is legal, posting these pics here, but here's a sneak peak on how well the kids do in pictures:


Now, back to The Pictures.

4 Responses to “The Pictures”

  1. Anonymous7:53 AM

    that doesn't even look like Vaughn?

    Baby double?

    the mayor

  2. I'm sorry, but I think it is precious! Kodak moments to cherish!

  3. I'm with Martha I think those pics are the best.

  4. I love the picture too.



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