Sunday, November 08, 2009

Snapshot of my morning

6:58 AM Sunday morning.

Vance is just starting to get in to legos. All week, during Vaughn's naps and before she gets up in the mornings, he's been building. He can only play with them when Vaughn isn't around, because of all the teeny tiny pieces.

What you can't see is Vance's forehead. While at a birthday party yesterday, he bumped into another little boy coming down a bounce house slide. He has a red mark that resembles a hickey. I'm finding it a little too funny.

Good Morning. Enjoy this beautiful weather!

One Response to “Snapshot of my morning”

  1. can i just say that growing up in a house of all girls i never played with legos. never understood them. never wanted them. my boys now are OBSESSED with them. my brother-in-law gave them a huge rubbermaid bin about 4 years ago and it was all over after that. we now have 4 bins and probably more legos than the national deficit has dollars.



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