Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sticking it to Steve

I confronted the manager of Schnuck's yesterday. Here's how it went down:

I'm holding a 30 pound baby, a 5 pound purse, 3 reusable grocery bags, the hand of Vance, and my own sanitizing wipe to wipe the cart down. Let go of Vance, look for a cart with a seat belt, wipe it down and (lift the 30 pound bundle of love, 5 pound purse, and bags up and in) stick Vaughn in. Seatbelt doesn't work. Lift the 30 pound Butterball, 5 pound purse, and bags out, find another cart with a seatbelt, wipe it down, put Vaughn in. Seatbelt doesn't work. I did this 4 times, all while telling Vance to step out of the way of other people entering and exiting. The cart I did find, I've had before. The plastic prongs fit in the seatbelt barely, so you have to push really hard to get it to close. The problem is getting it apart. I've stood in the parking lot for minutes trying to get Vaughn out.

I'm fuming at this point. And Vaughn isn't happy at all, either. I went straight in and asked to speak to the manager. Steve (real name) came out. I, calmly, explained that his carts suck ass, and I can't shop if she isn't secured in the cart. He explained how the seat belts get broken. He explained that they order new ones every year. After hearing all his excuses and his unwillingness to correct the situation I explained to him that I cannot shop here anymore. I lifted Vaughn out of the cart, took Vance's hand, and told Steve that I was off to Dierberg's.

This makes me sad. I liked shopping there.

4 Responses to “Sticking it to Steve”

  1. Anonymous8:54 AM

    I'm glad you filed the complaint. Why can't they have reserves on hand for the broken ones? Can it be that hard? Those are "big liabilities" people are pushing around with their kids! Mom

  2. I love it! More people should do the same, and maybe conditions would improve. You go, girl!!

  3. stick it to the man!

  4. Anonymous4:06 PM

    dierberg's is full of great looking older women....

    best thing to ever happen to you.

    the mayor



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