Tuesday, December 15, 2009

24 Hour Drop

For Justin's birthday, we went to Madison for a one-night visit.

Here's a view down a street in our old neighborhood. I was glad that there was snow on the ground for our visit. Unfortunately for our old neighbors, the only scenery change they'll get is the arrival of more snow. I miss the excitement before a big snowstorm, how pretty it looks when it's falling down, but don't miss the long, cold winters.

Before dinner we stopped into The Claddagh for an appetizer and a drink. It was early in the evening and yet the holiday party in the adjoining room was in full swing. We found 2 seats at the bar and it was nice to sit by ourselves and observe the chaos. (Usually when we're out, our family is the one providing the chaos.) I would have been happy sitting there all night.

We then met friends and headed for dinner. Food was great, but dessert was so-so. In the morning, I met with friends and their kids for coffee. It was nice seeing everyone.

We were only away for 30 hours, but we had a great time and didn't seem rushed at all. Thanks to my parents and aunt for watching the kids!

Happy Birthday Justin! Maybe we should go somewhere a bit warmer next year???

(My mom and aunt tried taking the kids to Breakfast with Santa. The kids wanted nothing to do with The Big Guy. I'm surprised that Vance wouldn't even go up to him - Jack was even there to help show him that there was nothing to be afraid of! Needless to say, we're not going to try it again, so no pics with Santa this year.)

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  1. Anonymous8:31 AM

    using Lucco's terms eh? "24 hour drop"?

    Sounds like fun.




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