Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Bob Bob and Daden

I've Tweeted about Vaughn's love for Bob the Builder and Diego, but have never mentioned it here, until now. Her love for both has grown and it's getting serious.

When she sees them her face lights up and smiles from ear to ear. It's hilarious to watch. She calls Handy Manny "Bob Bob" too, so maybe she's just got a thing for construction workers.

She's now taken to carrying around the case for Vance's Diego Wii game. Yesterday she totally dropped her baby and reached for the case instead.

She's a funny bird.

One Response to “Bob Bob and Daden”

  1. she knows a hottie when she sees him. lololol

    ella is obsessed with dora. she walks around saying "d d d d d d dora" and tries to say "swiper no swiping"
    she hasnt mastered the "s" sound and its a riot.

    kids are awesome!



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