Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Card Shark

When I was a baby my parents kept a bow taped to my hairless head so others would know that I was a girl. It's no surprise that they are the ones responsible for this.

Vaughn will sit quietly for minutes (Minutes!) while putting cards back into the box. At first, she needed help figuring out how to fit them in, but she's a pro now, sometimes even doing 3 at a time.

It's perfect because she likes sitting at the table while doing something, just like Vance does. I've tried letting her color at the table, but she just eats the crayons. So far she hasn't tried eating the cards. While making dinner last night, I had a peaceful 11 minutes while Vance was at the counter working on a project and Vaughn was at the table shuffling cards.

We're raising a card shark.

What do you do to keep your kids busy? Any secrets?

One Response to “Card Shark”

  1. ella is all about playing with baskets and containers - taking it all out and putting it back in over and over and over. i laughed when i saw miss v with the cards because ella has a basket of cards that she plays with. she also loves to play with her diaper bag - take it all out and put it all back. its like a game to her. oh and she loves playing in my shoes and fingernail polish.



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