Monday, December 21, 2009

Cookie Making Day 2009

The kids are usually the origin of the chaos that surrounds our family events. However, with the majority of the kids getting older, the chaos is dying down a bit.

This year's Cookie Making Day was one of the calmest that we've had.

Here's Vance checking out the gingerbread houses.

Here's a messy-looking Vaughn.

While trying to get a picture of the "before" gingerbread houses, I captured the first conflict of the day. My dad wasn't minding the butter/crisco ratio that my mom is comfortable with. We usually keep a close eye on him while baking, but Justin had sidetracked my mom with sandwich inquiries. Don't you worry, Deb got her ratio.

Charity supervising.

Gingerbread house construction. Vaughn scavenged for all the candy that was dropped on the floor.

We rounded out the evening with Wii, cards, the horse racing game, and the wonder on how we always enjoy each others company, even if it is for 9 hours at a time. Most families couldn't handle that.

3 Responses to “Cookie Making Day 2009”

  1. that's true - I don't think my one brother could handle that much family time all at once...unless there was some strong Belgian beer close by.

  2. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Boy do I look mean in that picture! Mom

  3. Looks like the Mayor is doing his job...managing and dispersing the work! I don't see sticky, messy fingers on him...only beer!! Looks like a fun time, and I'm sorry we missed it!!!



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