Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Forking stain.

In keeping with our tradition of "Nothing Gets Done Right the First Time" one of the replacement blinds in the kitchen came in as the wrong size. Or maybe it was just defective. One side is about 2 inches shorter than the other and it's looking (wink) real nice. So, it must be reordered again. Grrr....

In winter garment news, Vance's coat arrived yesterday. The one that I ordered online and it was supposed to take a month to get. I mentioned how I went out and bought a different one on Sunday because it was too cold to not have a coat. He wore it to a friends house on Monday and came home with a stain on the front. A big, grease looking stain up top, in the front. I washed it twice and it did not come out. If I knew the original coat was coming on Tuesday I wouldn't have bought him one on Sunday. He doesn't need 2 winter coats. I can return the one that we just got yesterday, but it's hard BECAUSE THE OTHER COAT HAS A FORKING STAIN ON IT!

In Vaughnie related news, she says, "Ho, Ho, Ho" now.

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