Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm having some issues packing for a quick overnight trip.

My problem is that where we're going just had a foot of snow dumped on them yesterday. The high today, without windchill, is 8. While Big Furry Boots! and Big Puffy Winter Coat! seem the way to go, our dinner plans seem more of the Cute Black Heels! environment. I only want to take a small, overnight bag. freeze or not to freeze?

Decisions, decisions....

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  1. I was thinking about you guys yesterday when I heard about all the snow there. I say, you are only there for one night, so live it up and look cute. Have Justin drop you off at the door of the restaurant, so you don't have to walk very far! Have so much fun and wish Justin and early birthday from us.

  2. If you're coming up to Madison, dress warm! It's absolutely miserable!

  3. that's a tough one!
    how is your leg?

  4. Anonymous1:44 PM

    dress like one of Tiger's girls...

    the mayor

  5. Have a great time. You'll look cute in whatever you decide to wear. I'd take both!! Give Justin our love. M



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