Thursday, December 03, 2009

Vaughn is 19 months today.

Vaughn is a unique lady.

Justin caught her being extra ladylike last night, while we were cleaning up the rest of the kitchen after dinner.

She loves applesauce. If you're Sean Connery, she would love appleshashe.

This is where she's been keeping her babies at night. I snuck in last night and took a picture while she was sleeping. Guess she was crowded!?!

Other info for the baby book:

She nods yes or no to a lot of questions now, which is helping tremendously with communication. She's saying a lot of words, mostly food related. Her newest one is "pepah" for pizza. Two nights ago she pointed to a picture of Drew and said, "Do". She does basic animal sounds now too. She still doesn't have a word for Vance. She follows Vance around and wants to do everything that he does. She climbs on everything...and falls down a lot. She likes to hold hands and will sticks her arm up in the air when she wants you to take her hand. She's still very independent and likes doing things by herself. She's starting to recognize surroundings. For example, she says "Dada" on the way to Justin's office.


In other news, I checked the tracking of the kid's winter coats and they're not scheduled to be delivered for another 1 and a half to 2 and a half weeks. I find this unacceptable and am in disbelief of anything in this day and age to take that long to mail. I've already given away Vance's coat from last year and there's no way that Vaughn's coat from last year will fit her. I always manage to get myself into situations like this!

7 Responses to “Vaughn is 19 months today.”

  1. Happy 19 month to Vaughn. I love those applesauce pictures. What a smart girl to put her dolls up on her crib like that. I love it. I am about to buy Samuel another winter coat. The one you gave to us that is 2T, which I just pulled out yesterday, is too small. I love that coat. Can you believe it? I think I need to get a 3T coat for him, ridiculous. I hope you get the kids winter clothes quicker. That is absolutely crazy it is going to take that long.

  2. she's funny!
    how do you still have the bumper pads in her bed? we had to take ella's out when she was about 9 or 10 months old because she would stand up in bed and rip the ties off. i was so ticked about that too.

  3. Sarah, that is crazy Samuel is too big for that coat! He's a big guy!

    Tasha, she's only ripped one (or maybe two...) ties off so far, but for some reason she leaves them alone now. I'm amazed that they both have ripped them off in the first place - Vance never touched them! What is it with these girls?! They're nuts!

  4. Do you want the red coat back for Vaughn?

  5. No, just donate it or keep it around for #2! I found something for her until her real coat arrives. Thanks, though!

  6. Anonymous3:47 PM

    just grab a blanket and staple it around her...makeshift snuggie...

    the mayor

  7. my boys didnt mess with their bumpers either. crazy kids! yesterday i was putting toys away and ella looked at me and said "no, momma! MINE!" nice.



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