Thursday, January 28, 2010

Family Dinner, No Hair

We were all skipping along until lunchtime yesterday, when our nighttime plans were reorganized. We opted to make the drive back to my parents to see out-of-town family for dinner.

So, I didn't get my hair cut or colored, but it's cool. I've rescheduled and we'll be having this conversation again this time next month.

We had a nice time seeing family. This was the only picture I took.

Ryan's back is going to be hurting tomorrow!

(Fun trivia: after weighing Vance and Vaughn two weeks ago, I discovered that they are within 10 pounds of each other. Is that crazy? I think so!)

I'll tell you what wasn't nice about our evening: The accident that closed the highway and left us to find an alternate way back home. Another late night for everyone and I'm thinking that this morning will be a bit hairy with the kiddies.

Last week Vance told me that his favorite day was Thursday because we always eat pizza on Thursdays. Knowing this information, Thursdays will always be Pizza Night at our house.

Happy Pizza night!

(oh, our first appointment with Parents as Teachers is tomorrow - anyone care to share what I'll be expecting?)

8 Responses to “Family Dinner, No Hair”

  1. Parents as Teachers? My opinion my differ from Sarah's but I feel like when the lady shows up her first goal is to put the parents in their place. When SEG had his first appointment the lady wanted to know if he could stack blocks or do cartwheels or something like that. (sorry for the long comment) I feel like she always wants to make sure we aren't too proud of our kid (maybe so we'll think she's useful, I don't know, I'm the cynical one). The appointments usually end up going well but don't be surprised if you get some really weird questions about what Vaughn can and can't do.

  2. You have to wait a whole month to get your hair cut and colored? Wow, that is one busy salon.

  3. Anonymous10:38 AM

    i thought the same thing about the hair cut....

    the mayor

  4. Kristin1:27 PM

    I have found parents as teachers gives you information you already know. Nothing too innovative from the lady that I've met with. Because you are smart, a good mommy, and are doing an overall great job, I doubt you will be totally impressed. Your district may be different, but in eville it seems it is for the people that don't have a clue.

    You and Justin have more than a clue; you do anything you can for your kids...let me know if you get great ideas or hear wonderful things at your appt. I'm interested....

  5. While I definitely do not want to wait a month to get my hair done, I didn't think a month was too bad. If I still went to my old stylist it would be far worse - maybe 3 months. It's crazy how fast her book fills up.
    (That's why hair appointments are coveted by most women.)

    As far as the Parents as Teachers thing, I'm mostly doing it for all the extras that are available. Seems like our district offers tons of things to do throughout the week with the kids. We're lacking in "stuff to do around here" so the more options, the better. I'm not expecting too much tomorrow. I'm not worried about either kids and their development. Both seem to be on track for their ages.

    We'll see how it goes!

  6. Anonymous4:08 PM

    just don't tell the parents as teachers what a huge drunk you are.

    the mayor

  7. yes, that's key. will have to get up extra early to clean up the empties and de-partify the house before she shows up.



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