Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Music and Soup.

Even after her horrific behavior in the grocery store yesterday, I'm still taking Vaughn to her first music class today.

After we drop Vance off at school. (Thank goodness THAT starts again today.)

And after we exchange the carton of leaky milk that we bought at the store yesterday.


I made Pioneer Woman's Cauliflower soup yesterday and it was good. Not sure if it's one that I would ever make again, but we enjoyed it this time around. It reminded me almost of a chowder or even a potato soup. (If you steam the heck out of cauliflower, add some butter and cream, and mash it you'll end up with a healthier version of mashed potatoes.) I ended up with some bigger pieces of cauliflower in the soup, so I remedied that by using a potato masher, which in turn made the soup a bit thicker. Vaughn even ate it. Vance? No way.

Unfortunately, when you cook cauliflower you can't escape the smell, so that's the unfortunate part of this tale.

Enjoy your Tuesday. Make it count.

5 Responses to “Music and Soup.”

  1. I just signed Samuel up for his music class but it starts the end of Jan. I am excited to hear how Vaughn likes the class. Are you doing Music Together? I hope you have a nice day. It is nice to have something to do on such a cold day.

  2. No, it's through Baby Moon. They're having free trial classes this week, so I thought we'd give it a go.

  3. Anonymous8:19 AM


  4. have fun at music class. you are so good about that stuff. i'm such a baby about it - unless i have someone to talk to....another adult preferably. lol

  5. We've always lived where we know no one - so it's either sit and look at the kids all day and go stir crazy in the house or find something to do! I'd much rather have an adult to talk to too! I'm always hoping to meet another lonely parent at these outings, but no such luck yet!



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