Friday, February 05, 2010

Birthday Banners

I think I'm ready to start making and selling Birthday Banners again. However, I'm a little torn on how I want to go about it. Word of mouth? Etsy?

My issue is shipping. Estimating shipping costs always throw me. And the thing about these is that they have to be shipped in a tube, which are kind of pricey, and seem to cost a little more to ship. The last one I shipped cost about $9.00 and the tube was around $4 or $5 (it's been awhile, I kind of forget). And is it more to ship further away? How do you average that into your price? Would Etsy buyers be less likely to buy because of a high shipping cost?

Tasha, I need your Etsy insight.

My next issue is figuring out colors for the girls sign. I'm pretty happy with the colors for the boy sign. I've done girls signs in many different colors, but can't seem to find a winner.

Hmm...lots to think about. Must go rescue Vaughn and get breakfast started. Have a great Friday!

10 Responses to “Birthday Banners”

  1. we'll buy one, can we get it in time for Samuel's party? you can just bring it over instead of worring about shipping!

  2. I made one for Samuel's birthday last year. It's in your house somewhere! Thanks, though!

  3. I already have Samuel's banner out and ready to go for his party. I just need to lay it out flat so it doesn't curl up. I wish I had any insight on pricing, but I don't. However, if I bought your birthday banner online I would expect the shipping cost to be a bit pricey.

  4. i didn't realize we'd saved the one from last year, we'll be needing a new one for another child (and soon i hope)

  5. I would sell them on etsy! they would be great!! and people will pay the $15 shipping too!! Have you ever been to ? she makes these great bulletin boards and her shipping rate is at least $30. they sell out in a day! test the waters. try $15 and see what happens. you should lose money on the shipping portion or it may not be worth it!

  6. sorry. that posted from an older profile. i wish i could combine gmail accounts to make my life easier!

  7. I love James' birthday banner that you gave me for his baby shower. They make great gifts!

  8. Thanks guys!

    Hello Amanda! Nice to hear that you're still enjoying it!

  9. I may be ordering one from you soon...when they finally have the baby :D And I'm in, you'd have to ship.

    I would use a nice yellow with royal blue trim for the girls...or have people order them the way they want?

    I think no matter where you ship in the US, the price will be the same...1st class postage is 1st class postage.

    The cost will mostly be in the tube and the weight of the tube. You can always go to the post office with the tube you would use and ask them to give you a price for postage.

  10. Congrats on becoming a Grandma!

    I've thought about listing them on Etsy that way - that you could choose your colors, but think I have decided against it. I think I'd be setting myself up for a multitude of problems. (However, for you, I'd be happy to do a custom one!)

    Thanks for the shipping advice - I need to do some homework!



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